AeroPixel Scotland offer a revolutionary new way of achieving detailed visual inspections for the renewable energy sector.  By utilising a range of UAVs and sensors we can supply detailed high resolution images and video of assets such as wind turbines.  

At present 2 or 3 man abseiling teams conduct these initial inspections via rope access.  This is not only time consuming and costly but also presents obvious risks which are associated with working at height.  With a lack of qualified, available rope access teams and a significant increase in wind turbines in service, UAV's or aerial camera platforms are the ideal solution.

With a maximum downtime of 20 minutes per turbine for our inspections, you can be sure that maximum efficiency and profit will be generated from your assets. 

Along with conducting an initial inspection of all blades, towers and rotor hubs, we can provide a written report and supply an actionable, visual report incorporating all images and videos of each tower, clearly defined using gps coordinates.



UAV Wind turbine inspections





uav wind turbine inspections
uav wind turbine inspections

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