Until recently aerial photography was not only expensive but also time consuming and harmful to the environment. The level of detail offered from traditional aerial photography from a plane or helicopter was very low in comparison to the modern day UAV platforms as they can get up close to the subject and are almost 100% environmentally friendly. 

We offer a unique aerial photography service where we can capture images limited only by your imagination.  Our CAA permission for aerial work allows us to fly 400ft high and 500 metres from the take off location.  

With our high resolution still images you can gain a fresh new perspective and stand out from the competition when marketing and promoting your services, business or products.

Aerial images are both attention grabbing and captivating, by adding some to your marketing portfolio or website you will engage your audience like never before.





With the ability to fly over, around and through buildings and subjects, under bridges, along rivers and waterways or anywhere within the law, we can capture dynamic, close range captivating shots that until recently were both unimaginable and impossible to achieve,  And at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft.

They say "a picture speaks 1000 words", we believe our aerial images tell much more than that.

Along with capturing breathtaking images, we can also edit and present them in a variety of projections and styles to suit your taste and bring the pictures to life!

Our favourites include:


♦ HDR (high dynamic range) ♦          

♦ TILT-SHIFT ♦          


Check out our gallery page for some great examples of our work.


We offer a wide range of bespoke aerial filming services and packages to suit every project and budget.  If you are looking for a freelance uav operator to provide a few aerial scenes for your next big production, or if you are business looking for a great new promotional video to help you market your services in style, we have it covered.


From high definition 1080p video @120fps, to cinematic ultra high definition 4K @ 25/30fps.  Whatever your project requires AeroPixel Scotland can deliver exactly what you need!

We can provide live aerial video which can be included in your live broadcast at sporting events, festivals and more.  Our live video link can also allow the director to see our footage in real time to ensure we capture every single shot required.   

Whether you are looking for unique aerial media to market you property in style and stand out from your competitors.  Maybe we can document your wedding day in true Hollywood style with breathtaking scenes, or assist with the production of your next movie or TV programme, or even provide broadcast ready aerial footage at your sporting event.  We would love to work with you. 

Check out our gallery page for some great examples of our work.

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