We offer a unique aerial photography service where we can capture images limited only by your imagination.  Our CAA permission for aerial work allows us to fly 400ft high and 500 metres from the take off location.

With our high resolution still images you can gain a fresh new perspective and stand out from the competition when marketing and promoting your services, business or products. Aerial images are captivating and by adding some to your marketing portfolio or website, will engage your audience like never before.



Our aerial platforms are incredibly stable, built with the latest GPS technology and equipped with gyro stabilised camera gimbals. This allows us to capture super-smooth, captivating cinematic shots from ground level all the way up to 400ft high.

A video downlink to our onsite screen allows our clients to see exactly what is being filmed in real time so you can be sure we have captured everything you require and more, even before we land. With the ability to record up to 4K resolution our footage is broadcast ready.



Drastically reduce your expenses and save time along with negating potential harm and risk to workers. AeroPixel Scotland specialise in reaching dangerous or inaccessible places using our state of the art GPS controlled remote camera platforms. From high roofs and dangerous buildings to towers, power lines, solar and wind farms to the oil and gas industry we can quickly and safely conduct a visual survey/inspection and produce a visual report along with your imagery.


At Aeropixel we can also provide traditional ground based photography and filming.  By using the latest in camera stabilisation platforms we can achieve shots where our drone can't be flown or to incorporate with your aerial footage.

Our cameras are also great in low light, allowing us to provide stunning long exposure night time photography for those that require something totally different.





In many circumstances our RAW footage is given to our clients/production company straight from the camera, allowing them to edit or use the footage as required.  We do however offer in-house editing using the latest, most advanced software to bring your creation to life. Many of our services include basic editing but if you require more we can work on an hourly rate. 


AeroPixel Scotland Ltd offers consultancy services for civil and commercial (UAV) drone use.  Our Team will provide you with professional, timely and effective resolutions towards UAV Implementation within you company or industry. We can help introduce, educate, train, implement and support the commercial use UAV’s.


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