UAV roof inspections provide a safe, cost effective alternative to traditional, costly, time consuming and dangerous methods of data acquisition from high, risky or sensitive areas.

Normally, extensive risk assessments, road and path closures, scaffolding and the likes are required to conduct even a basic initial roof inspection. Not only is this time consuming and expensive but there will always be serious risks to workers associated with working at height.  

AeroPixel's drone roof and building inspections will alleviate all these associated risks and costs, along with providing you all the data required in a detailed, actionable visual inspection report.  We can also provide a live feed from the camera on site allowing vital decisions to be made on the spot in extreme situations (e.g after a storm).

Our UAV platforms can be positioned in areas which would normally be difficult, impractical or impossible to gain high quality visual data from.


  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • Industrial 
  • Churches / Historic sites
  • Stadiums / Arenas
  • High rise buildings / Towers


From your initial enquiry we will pass your details on to a specialist member of our team and can be on site and in the air taking high resolution stills and HD video within a couple of hours depending on location and weather.  If you are a surveyor, property owner, estate agent, insurance or roofing company, we can provide a professional, cost effective service which will increase safety and remove the need for working at height during the inspection stages.



We were commissioned to carry out one of our largest projects to date, for the worlds #1 alcoholic spirit company 'Diageo', in conjunction with environmental waste specialists Hazco. 

The Blackgrange bond facility near Alloa is a 'COMAH' top tier site as it contains over 50,000 tonnes of flammable material.  Meaning all incidents, however minor are taken very seriously.  We spent a lot of time planning, preparing risk assessments, flight paths etc before our tender and proposed survey was approved. 

The brief was to conduct a visual inspection and provide a report of the gutters/downpipes and roof conditions of 79 warehouses which house their valuable spirit barrels for the maturation process.  Each building was square in shape, 15 metres high and with 4 rows of 90 metre guttering. 

In previous years this inspection has taken a team of 3 workers with a cherry picker over 1 month to complete, due to the sheer size of the site and number of gutters, downpipes and drains to inspect.  Not to mention the hazards of climbing onto the metal sheet roof.

After establishing the level of detail required by the client on the first morning by using the live video feed to our onsite ground-station & monitor, We got underway and had the inspection completed within 4 days. 

We captured over 6000 images across the 2 sites, averaging around 75 images per warehouse.  Each row of gutter had 10 downpipes which we took close up images of, revealing many to be blocked, broken or failing.   Every image was filed into its own specific folder, this allowed a simple cross reference to be made between all images and the map/key on our overview report.

GPS co-ordinates are also attached to the metadata of each image as evidence of location.  The final report included a map with each warehouse numbered, and the rows of gutters assigned a specific letter.  We provided a traffic light system of red, amber and green based on the condition of each gutter/roof which allowed the maintenance team to take direct action with confidence on the areas of interest highlighted in the survey.  Saving time, money and mitigating all risk to the workforce.

If you would like to have commercial, residential or industrial building/roof inspections conducted by our experienced team of operators please get in touch


CLIENT - Historic Environment Scotland
LOCATION - Dunkeld Cathedral

We teamed up with HES to capture high resolution visual data which would in turn assist with the efficient inspection of the overall building and roof condition of Dunkeld Cathedral.

Our brief was to conduct a visual inspection of all aspects of the Cathedral.  Including the bell tower, roof crosses, tiles and gutters, nave walls and windows.  We put a flight plan together and notified all local properties and authorities of our planned operations.

Drones offer a level of detail which is not otherwise possible when inspecting historic and listed buildings, not to mention the time and cost savings over traditional survey methods which normally utilise scaffolding, rope access and cherry pickers.

Once onsite we set our cordon up, prepared all equipment for the operation and completed our pre flight checklist.  We conducted the inspection within 2 hours and provided a report containing over 500 images.  These images were placed into specific folders highlighting location and any obvious defects which could present a problem.  The files were then sent to the building architect/inspection team for detailed analysis.

The images can also be used to generate a dense point cloud 3D model of the building which can be used and shared by the inspection team in an interactive manner.  Details and tags can be added to the digital model and cross referenced against later inspections. If you would like to find out more about how 3D modelling can assist you please feel free to contact us.

GPS co-ordinates are also attached to the metadata of each image as evidence of exact location.

If you would like to commission AeroPixel to conduct a commercial, residential or industrial building/roof inspection, which will be overseen and conducted by our experienced team of operators please get in touch



CLIENT - St. Josephs Catholic Church.
LOCATION - Bonnybridge.


Father Holuka was thinking outside the box and one week decided to place an advert on the weekly notice board looking to have a roof survey conducted, and possibly one using a drone.  Coming from an aviation background Fr Holuka proved to be one of the most engaging clients we have had the pleasure to work with.

Before our introduction, he was already aware of the laws and regulations governing the commercial use of drones and assisted where he could in obtaining relevant permissions.

The aim of this inspection was to highlight and pinpoint a few areas in particular which were causing concern with leaks and to give a general view of the overall condition of the roof and bell tower.

We conducted the survey during the school holidays due to the neighbouring property being a primary school and completed the image capture element of the inspection within 2 hours.  This provided hundreds of close up images of the complete roof, tower, upper windows and facades.

We produced a master image key and renamed all images into corresponding folders, allowing Fr Holuka to confidently approach a roof repair company for quotes to have the work carried out.  We also highlighted some other areas of the roof which require attention such as the timber on the bell tower and broken, blocked guttering.

We provide an impartial inspection service along with supplying evidence of any defects in the form of high resolution images, video or 3D modelling allowing you to make informed decisions and have repairs carried out where necessary.

If you would like to commission AeroPixel to conduct a commercial, residential or industrial building/roof inspection, which will be overseen and conducted by our experienced team of operators please get in touch


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