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Although relatively new, aerial media captured from UAV platforms can be an extremely useful tool in the construction industry.  From the planning and tender  stages all the way through to marketing and advertising.  We can provide high resolution aerial images of proposed development sites showing off the full site, topography and surrounding areas in unparalleled detail.  These images can be super imposed with overlays of architects impressions. 
We can also produce accurate interactive 3D models of land or buildings which can be streamlined into your workflow and used in software such as CAD, BIM, Autodesk etc.  Using georeferenced orthophotos and 3D data, you can view the as-built situation of your site for up-to-date measurements and continued analysis, making earthwork management and detailed virtual inspections more efficient.

Progress Monitoring

Another way in which aerial media can benefit the construction industry is by documenting the progress of developments on a regular basis, ie daily, weekly or monthly.  
Photos and video can be taken from the exact same location and stitched together seamlessly to produce a time-lapse video of the entire development process from concept to completion. This will not only help managers and contractors keep up to date with stockpiles, progress reporting etc but can also be used in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Construction Site Inspections

Regular aerial inspections of the sites can also be conducted using our UAV and HD video.  We can provide a live video downlink from the drone to a screen onsite for live inspections or we can supply you with the video via computer file, digital portal or through e-mail.
Enabling you to follow progress and take actions where appropriate without leaving your desk or while working on another project. Investors and potential buyers can also be kept up to speed on the development of the particular site of interest.



property marketing using uav platforms


The use of both aerial images and video can be used to give that wow factor when the time comes to market and sell.  By using aerial media, your project will stand out against all others, in turn leading to faster sales and more turnover.

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